Monday, February 21, 2011

A Night of Re-defining Social Conventions

Rhiannon Birdsall Invitational Performance
A Fishtank monthly series

February 24th 7:00pm

Come enjoy another round of performances at The Fishtank Studio! This month's theme PRIVATE vs. PUBLIC challenges and blurs the boundaries between social, private and public content. You can expect a night full of dynamic original new perspectives on how we extend, and define, and re-appropriate our public and private conventions. So come with an open mind and experience how each artist personally defines this month's theme!

Adults drinks and perhaps some snacks!
Donations: $5-15 sliding scale donation (no one will be turned away!!!)

The “Rhiannon Birdsall Invitational Performances” is a conceptually themed performance series featuring local artists, and performers every last Thursday of the month at The Fishtank Performance Studio. The monthly performance series was founded in the Fall of 2009 by local artist Paul Shortt and is continued by friend, and collaborating local artist and actress Rhiannon Birdsall.

The "Invitational Performances" support artists and viewer pursuits in experimental, interactive, and non-traditional forms of expression with a live audience.

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