Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thanks, Bob!

See the glowing review from the star below. Here's the photo that goes with it:
Tonight we have a brush up rehearsal... I'd better go back to the space and prepare myself. We've gotten a great response from today's Star Preview article. The phone has been ringing and ringing with questions about seats and tickets. Here's the scoop: 1/2 hour before showtime, we'll start selling chairs. We're asking a $5-15 dollar suggested donation, which means we hope everyone gets to see it. If you're inspired to pay more, we're awfully glad to have it. If you can't rub two coins together, and I've been there, sister, we want you there too. This is the innaugural production and we want everyone to spend 30 minutes playing with us.

Two chances to see it on first friday!

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