Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Publicity Train

David Wayne Reed did PR for Sorry, Wrong Number. He's really good at promotions. He wrote up a killer press release with good hooks that got everybody curious. I followed up with folks and got some great publicity opportunities....

Monday I recorded an interview w/ Laura Spencer from KCUR, which will air thursday or friday. Today I got to be on Midday Medley with Mark Manning at KKFI. Bob Trussell interviewed me last week and sent a Star photographer over to take pictures of rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. All good stuff-thanks David!

I'm alot more comfortable doing press than I used to be. I learned so much working with Peregrine for 6 years at birdies, producing the West 18th Street Fashion Show and also getting to do publicity for Late Night Theatre with Ron Megee. I used to get very nervous about interviews. I felt like I needed to provide completely different information to each source, or I'd try to be modest, which only ends up sounding wishy washy in print or over the air. Press isn't about modesty. I guess it's about the sound bite--but the sound bite backed by knowledge and interest and fact is the one that will keep the press train chugging along. I think I can, I think I can. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you're talking about and believing that you're selling a good product.

Sometimes it's hard for me to have perspective about the things I do. I often feel like my different interests and experiences pull me in different directions so it's nice to see that I've been learning valuable lessons along the way that will help me figure out how to make the Fishtank work.

So, more publicity. My website, My other one,

Once you get started, you just can't stop. Here's the show poster! Photo by Matthew Collins.

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