Friday, March 30, 2012


by David Wayne Reed at 8PM
FIRST FRIDAY features a new Fishtank Window installation Flight of the Jellyfish by Northern California artist Jenny Severo fusing fascinations of the female form and the fluidity of the luminescent jellyfish. 
Inside the lobby of the studio features more of Jenny's paintings as well as the KC debut of David Wayne Reed's solo show JOLLY RANCHER. For tickets and more infomation visit

Friday, April 13 10pm
Legendary sleazeball Arty Vulgaris is back in action and he has some birthday surprises for Annie Cherry! Annie has booked a fabulous lineup, as always...
Ron Megee * Amy Farrand * Kitty von Minx *
Jon Fulton Adams* Victor & Penny *
and of course Martin Plant!
and special guest Wicholas Grimm slinging shots! Get your tickets now, as this show WILL sell out! As always this is a live taping for our webcast, which can be viewed at It's fun online, but it's a REAL BLAST in person!
Tickets available here: Nightcap Tickets Online!

April 14 & 15
Set in 2072, 100 years after the historic 1972 reelection of Richard Nixon, whose defeat of Democrat George McGovern was cinched after the mental history of McGovern’s running mate, Thomas Eagleton, became front page fodder.

In the 2072 election, the party names, if not their basic tenets, have changed. Blue Bicycle incumbent Frans Hopeful, who has battled depression, is counting down until his debate against Red Harvest candidate – and Big Pharmacy poster girl – Penny Ribbon. The former has publicly turned down the pharmaceutical industry’s political contributions while the latter has nabbed them, and Hopeful’s former campaign manager, Tug Apostly.

Following Sunday’s staged reading of the play, there will be a moderator-led Q&A session in which the audience is invited to share their comments.

Tyson Schroeder, Tim Ahlenius, Katie Gilchrist, Kimberely Queen, Cody Wyoming, Vaughn Schultz, David Wayne Reed & Heidi Van

InTENsity: 10 Bite-Sized Plays by 10 KC Writers
April 27-30, 8pm
Playwright showcase featuring new short plays by Andrea Anderson, Cynthis Hardeman, Pete Bakely, Alli Jordan, Robert Fletcher, Natalie Licardello, Cynthia Postlewait, Joseph Concha, Nick Swain and Frank Higgins.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Actor and Writer, David Wayne Reed, debuts Jolly Rancher at Fishtank Performance Studio for a three performance weekend, April 6th, 7th and 8th.

"If everything we read was like this, I might give a shit." --Community College student from Gardner, KS.                                                               Growing up on a farm in Louisburg, Kansas without formal creative outlets, Reed created his own venues for self-expression—performingimpromptu drag performances for visiting seed salesmen, dancing for the hay crew after a long day’s work, rehearsing Shakespeare in abandoned grain silos…

Finding the wheat among the chaff, Reed presents Jolly Rancher, a collection of stories culled from his own rural upbringing. In Jolly Rancher, Reed plows through a collection of humorous and poignant short stories rife with hilarious characters and universal truths unveiled from his life in the Land of Oz.

FIRST FRIDAY APRIL 6 at 8pm with special guest, Honey Tahini!
SATURDAY APRIL 7 at 8pm with special quest, Amy Farrand!
SUNDAY APRIL 8 at 7pm with special guest, Ron Megee!

Tickets are $10 and available in advance at

 David Wayne Reed has been described as an "actor, writer and a bon vivant" as well as "a one-man classic rock circus." Reed is a founding member of the late Late Night Theatre where he appeared in over 20 shows playing over 50 roles. He wrote/directed Mother Trucker (2004), adapted/directed Come Back to the 9 to 5 Dolly Parton Dolly Parton (2002, 2006), co-wrote/co-directed Supermodels in Space (2005) and adapted The Show Formerly Known as Purple Rain (named Best Play of 2005 by the Kansas City Star) White Nose Christmas (2010) and Bump (2011). Reed was voted Best Actor: Reader's Choice and Best Trouper (for work in LNT) in the Pitch Weekly in 2000, Best Actor/Actress in 2008 and won Best Stocking Stuffer for White Nose Christmas in 2011. Reed is a 2011 Arts KC Inspiration Grant recipient and a Charlotte Street Generative Performing Arts Award nominee. Jolly Rancher debuted at the Seaside Repertory Theatre in January 2012 during his month-long artist residency with Escape to Create. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Nightcap with ARTY VULGARIS

FRIDAY MARCH 9 at 10pm
Arty's back at The Fishtank with Annie Cherry and Martin Plant, for this month's edition of Kansas City's favorite late night talk show, The Nightcap! Be a part of our live studio audience! Who knows? You might just end up on camera!

Cody Wyoming, actor/director/musician
Jeff Frehling, musician
Daisy Buck√ęt, femme impersonator
Ivana Rockafella, operatic tease

And, of course, a few surprises! Tickets are on sale NOW at:

Get your tickets in advance... This show WILL sell out!
To watch previous webisodes, click:

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